Ametek Tolhurst 30" x 18" Basket Centrifuge

Ametek Tolhurst 30 x 18 Basket Centrifuge, 30 x 18 perforated, 316 stainless steel basket, top and curb, perforated basket.

Manufacturer: Ametek/Tolhurst

Model: 30 x 18

Product Code: 271782

Serial: TZ-106

Tags: Processing Equipment, Centrifuges

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  • Product Details
30" x 18" Bird basket centrifuge
30" x 18" perforated
316 stainless steel basket, top and curb
Perforated basket
Center slung
Top load and unload
Tripod suspension
1360 rpm basket speed
Rated 83 #/cu. ft. material density
Flip top design
Hydraulically driven with on board 10 HP 460 volt, XP motor power pack

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