Allegheny Bradford Corp. 17.5L Stainless Steel Surge Vessel

Allegheny Bradford Corp. 17.5L Stainless Steel Surge Vessel,_ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnology fine chemical, cosmetics, food processing and other ultra pure manufacturing environments.

Manufacturer: Allegheny Bradford

Model: 17.5 Liter

Product Code: 203573

Serial: 025795-1-1-5

Tags: Processing Equipment, Tanks - Non Jacketed

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  • Product Details
  • Make: Allegheny Bradford Corp.
  • Model: 17.5L Surge Vessel
  • Serial #: 025795-1-1-5
  • Year: 2008
  • Specifications:
  • Design Pressure: 18 psig/FV
  • Design Temperature: -20/257F
  • Shell Thickness: 10ga
  • Bottom Thickness: 7ga
  • Top Diameter: .625"
  • Inside Diameter: 8.73"
  • Unused

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