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Alfa Laval Clara 200G Centrifuge

Used Alfa Laval Clara 200G mobile separation unit for wine and beverages. for sale. SSLLC offers a wide selection of Centrifuges for your Processing needs.

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval

Model: 200G

Product Code: A10087

Serial: 4193513 M

Year: 2010

Tags: Processing Equipment, Centrifuges

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The CLARA 200 mobile separation unit features a very small footprint, which reduces the amount of floor space needed. CLARA 200 is highly efficient, and provides users with an environmentally friendly alternative to earth filters.

The CLARA 200 features the Alfa Laval SmartEject self-triggering system, which provides intermittent discharge of solids that have a high dry matter content. The Alfa Laval CLARA 200 mobile separation is specially designed for use in the wine and beverages industries, and is partcularly suitable for clarifying the following products:
  • white grape must (free run and press juice).
  • young wine (still and sparkling).
  • matured wine.
  • fruit juices (deciduous, citrus and troprical).
  • coffee and tea extract.

Voltage: 3 x 380-415V x 50-60Hz
Current: 60A
Power: 25 kW
Feed temperature: 0C - 100C
Ambient Temperature: 0C - 35C
Max. Feed Pressure: 600 kPa
Supply pressure operating liquid: 100 kPa - 600 kPa
Max. Speed: 7500 rpm
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