Alcott Model 718L Autosampler

The Alcott Model 718AL autosampler is a syringe style, partial or full-loop injection autosampler that accepts 8mm, 12mm or 15mm vials or microplates.

Manufacturer: Alcott Chromatography, Inc.

Model: 719/00000/01R

Product Code: 302044

Serial: 10207

Tags: Lab Equipment, HPLC, HPLC

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The Alcott Model 718AL autosampler is a syringestyle, partial or full-loop injection autosampler thataccepts 8mm, 12mm or 15mm vials or microplates.Three injection volume ranges are available bychoosing a 50L, 250L or 2mL syringe. Designed forHPLC and LC/MS applications, the 718AL providessuperior precision, accuracy, flexibility and reliabilityto your system.

Emulating a manual HPLC injection process, the718AL has zero sample loss and can reproduciblymake 1L injections from micro inserts containing as little as 3L of total sample.

Electrical: 110-240V, 50/60Hz, 75VA
Design Type: Variable Volume, XYZ movement, syringe loading
Tray Capacities: 50 (15mm), 72 (12mm), or 128 (8mm) sample vials. Also, four 12 mm vialsfor standards or rinses
Injections Per Vial: Unlimited
Rinse Strokes: 0-99 for needle port and needle
Precision: Less than or equal to 0.5% RSD, for 10L partial loop injections under ACI test conditions
Linearity: r2 Carryover: Less than 0.01% with rinse under ACI test conditions
Sample Waste: None (or user selectable)
Keypad: 20 key, 4 line, 80 character LCD
Injection Parameters: Partial or fixed loop, sample draw speed, delay time, needle depth,pre-injection volume, pre/post-air volume, rinse strokes, rinse rate, prepierce
Syringe: 50, 250 (standard), or 2000 L total volume
Valve: Valco Cheminert C3 valve with 300L loop and high speed actuator
Programming: 10 Methods, maximum 128 steps per method. Priority samplingCommunications: Interfaces: RS-232-C, IEEE, I2C
Outputs:BCD, parallel printer port, inject market, 4 user selectable NO orNC
Contact Closures with user selectable closure duration times.
Dimensions: 33cm H x 32cm W x 55cm D (13&" x 13&" x 21&")
Weight: 14 Kg (31 lbs.)
Weight: 17 Kg (38 lbs.) Refrigerated
Wetted Materials: Teflon, 316 stainless steel and nitronic 60
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