Aeromatic Fielder PMA 65 with Isolator

Aeromatic Fielder PMA 65 in Isolated Howorth Enclosure

Manufacturer: Aeromatic Fielder

Model: PMA 65

Product Code: 202142

Serial: 8453

Tags: Processing Equipment, Isolators, Mixers - High Shear

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  • Product Details
  • Capabilities
Used Aeromatic Fielder PMA 65 in Isolated Howorth Enclosure

  • Power: 460v, 60Hz
  • Jacketed bowl rated 2 bar
  • Typical Weight @ .6 g/l- 26 kg
  • Main impeller: 7.5 kW
  • Mixing impeller Speed: 40-400 rpm
    • VFD controller
  • Granulator Motor: 1.3/1.8 kW
  • Granulator Speed (50Hz): 360-3000 rpm
  • Granulator Speed (60 Hz): 360-3600 rpm
    • VFD controller
    • Side discharge with pneumatic plug valve with controls

Mounted in Howarth Isolator
  • Make: Howorth
  • Model: Isolator
  • Year: 2006
  • Single sided with3 gloves
  • Side bottom discharge section with (1) glove with controls
  • Chamber Dimensions (L x D x H):
    • Main Chamber: 60in. x 24.5in. x 32in.
    • Anti Chamber: 34,5in. x 21.5in. x 34.5in.
    • Airlock: 17.5in x 17.5in. x 18.5in.
Stainless steel construction
65 Liter Capacity
PMA 65 contact parts are fully enclosed in the containment isolator.

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