ABSciex Qstar Elite LC/MS/MS System

ABSciex Qstar Elite LC/MS/MS System provides up to five times more peptide, protein, and metabolite coveragemore reliably.

Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems

Model: Qstar Elite

Product Code: 213320

Serial: AP10830611

Tags: Lab Equipment, Mass Spectrometers

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  • Product Details
The QSTAR Elite system takes QqTOF performance to a new level by providing higher mass resolution, increased mass accuracy, greater sensitivity, faster MS/MS, and increased linear dynamic range.

Power: 207-242VAC, 20A, 50/60Hz
Double Ultak Video Monitors (Serial #s: M3040014 and M3040198)
Operator Documentation
Qstar Elite System 6 Analyst QS 2.20 Software Tutorial

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