Aasted DS 320 Heat Exchanger

Aasted Mikroverk Model DS 320 Dual Mounted Heat Exchanger

Manufacturer: Aasted

Model: DS 320

Product Code: 200189

Serial: 9711 and 9714

Year: 1994

Tags: Processing Equipment, Heat Exchangers

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  • Capabilities
Primary Secondary
Design Pressure:6 Bar6 Bar
Design Temperature:100 GR C100 GR C
Test Pressure:10 Bar10 Bar
Heating Surface:4 M25 M2
Volume: 20 LTR45 LTR
Medium: ChocolateWater
Working Temp/ Press: 28-40 GC C50-45 GR C
Capacity: 24kw
Max. Waterflow: 5.5 M3/H

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