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Zinsser Analytic, now a part of Gardner Denver, provides systems for drug discovery, material science, and combinatorial chemistry applications including liquid handling, synthesis, genomics and proteomics, high throughput screening, drug discovery, protein crystallization, liquid scintillation, assay development, material science, imaging, compound management, diagnostics, and cell culture products, as well as vials and bottles, and microsyringes. Surplus Solutions can offer you used Zinsser Analytic equipment that will fit your budget. If you do not see what you're looking for below please contact one of our sales representatives and we will find it for you.

Surplus Solutions is a trusted supplier of used Zinsser Analytic equipment including used Zinsser Analytic liquid handlers. Browse our selection of used Zinsser Analytic equipment below.

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Image of Zinsser Analytic LISSY Automated Liquid Handling Platform
Zinsser Analytic LISSY Automated Liquid Handling Platform

Manufacturer: Zinsser Analytic

Product Model #: P3041

Product Code: 208513

Zinsser Analytic Lissy P3041

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