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GE Healthcare manufactures and distributes diagnostic imaging agents and radiopharmaceuticals for imaging modalities that are used in medical imaging procedures. Surplus Solutions can offer you used GE Healthcare Life Sciences equipment that will fit your budget. Our inventory includes GE AKTA pure FPLC System, GE Xcellerex XDUO-T Jacketed Mixer, GE Chromaflow Packing Station Pack 100, GE MicroCal VP-Capillary DSC System, GE BPG Chromatography Columns, and more. If you do not see what you're looking for below please contact one of our sales representatives and we will find it for you.

Surplus Solutions is a trusted supplier of used GE Healthcare Life Sciences equipment including used GE Automation, GE Bioreactors and Fermenters, GE Chromatography Columns, GE HPLC systems, GE Liquid Chromatography, GE Mixers and Homogenizers, and much more. Browse our selection of used GE Healthcare Life Sciences equipment below.

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