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Surplus Solutions offers a wide selection of used extruders and spheronizers that is extensive and constantly changing. Pharmaceutical and laboratory extruders consists of four process steps: Moistening the powder mixture, forming cylinder-shaped agglomerate through extrusion, breaking and rounding the extrudate to round pellets through spheronization, and drying the finished product.

Surplus Solutionss offers used extruders and spheronizers from a variety of manufacturers and models such as Fuji Paudal MG-55 Lab Extruder, Fuji Paudal QJ-230 Marumerizer and Fuji DG-L1 Extruder and others. Browse our wide selection of used processing equipment including used Extruders, Marumerizers, Spheronizers and more.

We are always happy to help you choose the right extruder / spheronizers for your processing needs. Request a quote to receive more information on our equipment or Contact Us with any questions.

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Image of LCI DG-L1 Stainless Steel Single Dome Extruder
LCI DG-L1 Stainless Steel Single Dome Extruder

Manufacturer: LCI Corporation

Product Model #: DG-L1

Product Code: 302370

LCI DG-L1 Stainless Steel Single Dome Extruder

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Image of Luwa Corporation QJ-230 Marumerizer
Luwa Corporation QJ-230 Marumerizer

Manufacturer: Luwa Corporation

Product Model #: QJ-230

Product Code: 213079

Luwa Corporation QJ-230 Marumerizer provides researchers and new product developers a means to easily evaluate the effectiveness of spheronization on their extruded products.

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Image of Tecnolab Timatic Mini Rapid Extractor
Tecnolab Timatic Mini Rapid Extractor

Manufacturer: Tecnolab srl

Product Model #: Timatic Mini

Product Code: 300005

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Image of 1" Co Extrusion Die Block
1" Co Extrusion Die Block

Manufacturer: Unknown

Product Model #: 1 Inch

Product Code: 141504

1 inch Co Extrusion Die Block

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