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Packaging Equipment : Check Weighers

Image of Shionogi Qualicaps CWI-40 Checkweigher
Shionogi Qualicaps CWI-40 Checkweigher

Manufacturer: Shionogi Qualicaps Co., Ltd

Product Model #: CWI-40

Product Code: 293992

Shionogi Qualicaps CWI-40 Checkweigher inspects and guarantees the quantity of all capsule contents.

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Image of Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweigher
Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweigher

Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Product Model #: PX2

Product Code: 294096

Used Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweigher

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Image of Anritsu SVf Checkweigher
Anritsu SVf Checkweigher


Product Model #: KW5205AF05

Product Code: 216936

Anritsu SVf Checkweigher equipped with a highly versatile load cell for balance.

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Image of Loma AS Series Heavyweight Checkweigher
Loma AS Series Heavyweight Checkweigher

Manufacturer: Loma Systems

Product Model #: BCB13514

Product Code: 302926

The IQ2 Metal Detector is provided in a range of different configurations to cater to your different type of products.

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