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Surplus Solutionss inventory of used cappers is extensive and constantly changing. Capping machines are used for Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging applications. If you need an in-line capper, which places and torques caps onto bottles, then search in our Spindle Cappers, also called quill cappers or inline cappers. For cappers that place snap-on lids or caps onto bottles or containers look in our Overcapper section. Chuck cappers, also known as rotary cappers or screw cappers, use torque heads to screw the caps onto the bottles while vial cappers place aluminum seals or rubber stoppers onto glass vials.

Browse our wide selection of used packaging equipment including used cappers, inline spindle cappers, chuck cappers, screw cappers, retorquers, vial cappers and more.

SSLLC offers a large inventory of used from trusted OEMs such as West Company, IMA, Kalish, Kaps-All, US Bottlers, New England Machinery and more.

We are always happy to help you choose the right cappers for your laboratory needs. Request a quote to receive more information on our equipment or Contact Us with any questions.

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Image of The West Company LW Laboratory Crimper
The West Company LW Laboratory Crimper

Manufacturer: The West Company

Product Model #: LW

Product Code: 286804

West co. LW Capper

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Image of Tradewinds Decapping Machine
Tradewinds Decapping Machine

Manufacturer: Tradewinds

Product Code: 219120

Used Tradewinds Decapping Machine

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Image of IMA 4-00172-093 Change Part
IMA 4-00172-093 Change Part

Manufacturer: IMA

Product Model #: 4-00172-093

Product Code: 219364

IMA-NA Packaging 4-00172-093 Change Part for Bottling Machine

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