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Surplus Solutions is your leading seller of used spectrometers with available inventory that is extensive and constantly changing. Spectrometers are used to measure the properties of light for a variety of applications including environmental or chemical analysis, fluorescence, or Raman. The basic function of a spectrometer is to take in light, break it into its spectral components, digitize the signal as a function of wavelength, and read it out and display it through a computer. Spectrometers are ideal for determining compositional makeup for detecting weak light signals. Spectrometers can also be used to test the efficiency of an optical filter in order to determine whether a filter has properly blocked or transmitted specific wavelengths.Types of spectrometers available include optical spectrometers, mass spectrometers, and magnetic spectrometers.

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Image of Perkin Elmer Lambda 14 UV/VIS Spectrometer
Perkin Elmer Lambda 14 UV/VIS Spectrometer

Manufacturer: PerkinElmer

Product Model #: Lambda 14

Product Code: 300447

Perkin Elmer Lambda 14 is the perfect UV/VIS spectrometer for demanding spectroscopy applications because it offers variable slit width setting.

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