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Buy and Sell Used Lab Equipment from Surplus Solutions. SSLLCs inventory of Mixers/Homogenizers is extensive and constantly changing. We offer a wide variety of Used Mixers/Homogenizers including used dispersion mixers, homogenizers, orbital shakers, thermomixers and more. SSLLC offers a large Inventory of used Mixers/Homogenizers from top OEMS including Cole-Parmer, Eppendorf, Lightnin, Barnstead and more. For more information or to request a quote on our inventory of used Mixers/Homogenizers please contact a member of our Sales Team. Shop our collection of highly accurate and simple to use Mixers/Homogenizers. Find great deals on a wide selection of used Mixers/Homogenizers for sale on our site and in our lab auctions.

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Image of WAB Turbula T10B Mixer
WAB Turbula T10B Mixer

Manufacturer: Willy A. Bachofen AG Maschinenfabrik

Product Model #: T10B

Product Code: 306249

The T10B can accommodate various size containers from up to 17-liter containers utilizing its unique clamping system. The Turbula T10B has a maximum load weight of 66lbs.

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Image of Avestin Emulsiflex C-3 Homogenizer
Avestin Emulsiflex C-3 Homogenizer

Manufacturer: Avestin

Product Model #: EmulsiFlex-C3

Product Code: 300501

The EmulsiFlex-C3 has a constant flow-through capacity of 3L/hr. It can process a sample as small as 10mL. The homogenizing pressure is adjustable between 500 and 30000psi or 35 and 2000bar.

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Image of ProCepT 4M8 Formate Homogenizer
ProCepT 4M8 Formate Homogenizer

Manufacturer: ProCepT

Product Model #: 4M8

Product Code: 300414

ProCepTs modular design allows us to provide full flexibility towards integrating the equipment in your laboratory.

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Image of New Brunswick Innova 5000 Gyrotory Tier Shaker
New Brunswick Innova 5000 Gyrotory Tier Shaker

Manufacturer: New Brunswick Scientific

Product Model #: Innova 5000

Product Code: 202870

New Brunswick Innova 5000 Gyrotory Two Tier Shaker

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Image of Thermo Scientific 50 Liter Hyclone Single-Use Mixer
Thermo Scientific 50 Liter Hyclone Single-Use Mixer

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

Product Model #: SV50212.01

Product Code: 303751

Thermo Scientific Hyclone 50L Single-Use Bioreactor the leading single-use alternative to conventional stirred tank bioreactors for animal and insect cell culture.

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Image of Glen Mills Turbula Type T2 C Shaker Mixer
Glen Mills Turbula Type T2 C Shaker Mixer

Manufacturer: Glen Mills Inc.

Product Model #: T2C

Product Code: 305443

Glen Mills Inc. WAB model Turbula Bottle Blender for blending extremely heavy powders with very light ones.

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Image of Littleford M-5-G Laboratory Mixer
Littleford M-5-G Laboratory Mixer

Manufacturer: Littleford Bros., Inc

Product Model #: M-5-G

Product Code: 213989

Littleford M-5-G Laboratory Mixer

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Image of Microfluidics 110L Homogenizer
Microfluidics 110L Homogenizer

Manufacturer: Microfluidics

Product Model #: 110L

Product Code: 304173

Microfluidics 110L Homogenizer delivers: production of stable nanodispersions and nanoemulsions, cell disruption, micro/nanoencapsulation in polymers, liposomes and oils, deagglomeration.

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Image of Hobart A-200 DT Mixer
Hobart A-200 DT Mixer

Manufacturer: Hobart Corporation

Product Model #: A-200 DT

Product Code: 306596

Used Hobart A-200 DT Mixer

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Image of Omni International Bead Ruptor 24 Elite
Omni International Bead Ruptor 24 Elite

Manufacturer: Omni International, Inc

Product Model #: Bead Ruptor 24 Elite

Product Code: 219329

Used Omni International Bead Ruptor 24 Elite

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