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Liquid handlers provide consistent results for assays, ranging from low-throughput pipetting protocols to high-throughput systems with integrated sample storage. Liquid handling is used for protocols such as RNA/DNA purification, ELISA, cell culture, PCR/Sequencing reaction setup, automated detection assays, reaction cleanup, protein purification and MALDI-TOF spotting. From microplate filling to complex multi-step pipetting applications such as plate reformatting, stamping and serial dilutions, Surplus Solutions has a system to automate your liquid handling tasks.

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SSLLC offers a large inventory of used liquid handling from top OEMs including Beckman Coulter, Tecan, Hamilton Company, Biotek, Gilson and more.

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Image of Waters Reagent Manager
Waters Reagent Manager

Manufacturer: Waters

Product Model #: RMA

Product Code: 304087

The Reagent Manager is a single-piston, pulse-dampened pump for post-column applications.

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Image of Gilson 819 Injection Module
Gilson 819 Injection Module

Manufacturer: Gilson, Inc.

Product Model #: 819

Product Code: 301918

The 819 Injection Module enables you to inject samples onto an HPLC system. It is used with a 215 Liquid Handler.

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Image of Labsystems Multidrop 384 Reagent Dispenser
Labsystems Multidrop 384 Reagent Dispenser

Manufacturer: Lab Systems Inc.

Product Model #: 832

Product Code: 304180

The Multidrop 384 is an automatic, programmable, eight-channel microplate dispenser.

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