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Surplus Solutions is your leading seller of used laboratory hoods. Hoods, also referred to as biosafety cabinets, are an enclosed, ventilated workspace used in laboratories for the safe working with materials that may contain hazardous or toxic fumes, vapros or dust. Surplus Solutions offers an array of styles of used fume hoods such as used Biosafety Cabinets (BSC), Benchtop hoods, microbiological safety cabinet, PCR workstations, ductless enclosures, laminar fume hoods, floor-mounted fume hoods and others.

Browse our wide selection of used laboratory equipment including not only mentioned above but also ductless fume hoods, safety enclosures, walk-in clean rooms and more.

SSLLC offers a large inventory of used laboratory hoods from top OEMs including Baker Company, Mott Manufacturing, Flow Sciences, Nuaire, Terra Universal and more.

We are always happy to help you choose the right hoods for your laboratory needs. Request a quote to receive more information on our equipment or Contact Us with any questions.

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Image of Terra Universal Portable CleanBooth
Terra Universal Portable CleanBooth

Manufacturer: Terra Universal, Inc.

Product Model #: 1870-02

Product Code: A04129

The Terra Universal Portable CleanBooth provides a mobile, versatile mini-cleanrooom wherever you need it.

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