UPCOMING EVENTS: June 24th - Histogenics Lab Liquidation. Full Facility Closure of 2 MA Locations. Over 500 Lots! 2-Day Close! Register Now!


SSLLC Auctions

June 18, 2019 SSLLCMARKET | Leave A Comment

Welcome to SSLLC Auctions. Here's a quick "How-To" post. We hope this helps you understand online bidding. Any questions please contact auctions@ssllc.com!

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Auction News - June 2019

June 04, 2019 SSLLCMARKET | Leave A Comment

Here's the latest for Auction Events for June 2019.

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Brewery Auction

April 24, 2019 SSLLCMARKET | Leave A Comment

Calling all Brewers! SSLLC is hosting a Brewery Auction for the surplus equipment of Newburyport Brewing Co., located in Newburyport, MA, from May 20th-22nd. Featuring American made tanks and brewhouse by SMT.

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Calendar of Events for April - Genetown 52

April 12, 2019 SSLLCMARKET | Leave A Comment

Online Auction of Lab & Analytical Equipment

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Complete Closure of Boston Biomedical

April 02, 2019 SSLLCMARKET | Leave A Comment

Registration is Open! Over 600 Lots of Must See Late Model Lab, Chemistry, and Analytical Equipment. Video Walk-Through Inside

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