Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse Solutions

Our low cost warehouse program allows our customers to free up space until their equipment is sold by using Surplus Solutions warehouse facility to house their assets throughout the sales process.
Benefits of our warehouse program include:

  • Free up space.
  • Idle assets take up a lot of space in the facility. Our warehouse program provides you with the ability to store and consign your equipment to Surplus Solutions, providing an affordable alternative to an expensive storage lease or a hasty liquidation.

  • Expose your assets.
  • Don’t let your assets sit around collecting dust! Surplus Solutions website has heavy end-user traffic on a daily basis, as well as foot traffic directly onsite at our warehouse facility.

  • Save Time.
  • When consigning and storing your idle and surplus assets with Surplus Solutions, our experts handle all equipment inquiries and inspections, as well as packing and shipping equipment once sold.

  • Manage and Track.
  • Surplus Solutions generates customized inventory and control reports that are emailed monthly, allowing you to continually assess progress.