Auction Sales

Auction Sales

Auctions provide our clients with the ideal symmetry between maximum returns and quick turnaround. We work closely with our clients to determine the specific type of auction to best meet their needs, depending on the type of equipment to be sold.
Types of auctions include on-location, web cast and sealed bid. On Site auctions allow bidders to preview asset(s) in person, and are held at the location of the surplus asset(s). On Site auctions are overseen by a professional auctioneer from Surplus Solutions. Webcast auctions provide the ability to expand the auction audience globally, with remote bidders placing bids remotely via telephone keypad. Surplus Solutions uses state of the art technology that has become the industry standard when sales require extensive reach. Webcast auctions are held either on or off site. Sealed bid auctions allow bidders to send a single bid via mail. Once compared, equipment is sold to the highest bidder.

Benefits of auctions include:

  • Rest assured.
    Auctions stand up well to scrutiny in today’s strict regulatory business environment where companies are required to justify sales of certain types of assets.

  • Target Marketing.
    Surplus Solutions ensures that the right buyers know your idle or surplus asset is coming to auction through strategic marketing campaigns that utilize industry publications and websites, as well as our own database of proven buyers.

  • No Hassle.
    Surplus Solutions manages the auction process from start to finish, from marketing and advertising to rigging, crating and shipping, so you can focus on running your business.