FPLC |Surplus Solutions inventory of used FPLC system includes used chromatography systems, AKTA pilot chromatography systems, AKTA crossflow systems. For more information or to request a quote on our inventory of used FPLC systems please contact a member of our Sales Team.

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  • Amersham AKTA FPLC Amersham AKTA FPLC
    • Manufacturer: Amersham Pharmacia
    • Model: AKTA
    • Product Code: 208633
    • _KTAFPLC is a preparative liquid chromatography system for fast and easy purification of proteins.
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  • Pharmacia FPLC System Pharmacia FPLC System
    • Manufacturer: Pharmacia
    • Model: FPLC System
    • Product Code: 210906
    • This Pharmacia FPLC System system automates the separation and purification of semi-preparative amounts of the compound of interest, typically a protein.
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  • Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AKTAexplorer Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AKTAexplorer
    • Manufacturer: Amercham Pharmacia
    • Model: AKTAexplorer
    • Product Code: 220512
    • Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AKTAexplorer
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  • Pharmacia Biotech FPLC System Pharmacia Biotech FPLC System
    • Manufacturer: Pharmacia Biotech
    • Model:
    • Product Code: 220596
    • Pharmacia Biotech FPLC System
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